If your phone states no SIM

If your phone states no SIM

1. Please check if the SIM fits well with the SIM card slot --> reboot required 

2. Please check if the SIM card is not damaged in any way --> reboot required

3. Please insert it into another phone to see its detection --> reboot required

If still not working after all of the three processes done, please email us first. If we verify any problem with our system, we will let you know but if not, it is device problem. 

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    • How much is the SIM cost?

      Your SIM card (8,900KRW included VAT) will be automatically charged on your first cell phone bill.
    • My SIM isn't working. What shall I do?

      Please try the following steps: Please check if the Phone detects the SIM card Please check if there is a signal with signal bars.
    • I got my SIM card but data is not working.

      We think you need to check your Access Point Name (APN) setting and here is the guideline how you should try.   Step 1. Reset your network setting Step 2. ADD APN information (SK Telecom) Step 3. Reboot your device [How to reset network setting] ...
    • Can I change my prepaid SIM card to a contracted post paid SIM card?

      Unfortunately, you can not change into a contracted SIM card. The number from the prepaid SIM card can not be transferred to a postpaid SIM card. 
    • How can I activate my prepaid SIM card?

      You will receive an email and printed guidelines in your SIM card package. You can request SIM card activation then the Kimchi Mobile activation team will let you know a new Korean cell phone number. The activation process may take 10~20mins and the ...