How to write postpaid application?

How to write postpaid application?

There will be 4 pages. 

Page 1

1. Name: The name must be same as ARC 
2. Date of Birth: In Korea, always YEAR goes first and MONTH, DATE 
3. Address: This plan is originally only For Korean so required to write all in Korean language. Please write your address in Korean. (Not US address) 
4. Signature: Name and Signature is different. Please don't forget to sign your name and signature both. Also all the signature must be same at all pages. 
5.  SIM card information: If you are new, you can skip this part. But if you want to switch the carrier, you need to write your 4 digit of the USIM number. 
     ex) 123456789F --> 6789F

Page 2 

You do not need to fill it all. 
Please leave your name and signature on the side. Also don't forget the Check mark on the small boxes.
*Make sure your signature must be same as the first page 

Page 3

You can skip this page. 
This page is asking you to agree with the SMS marketing. 

Page 4

Please check at the check box and leave name and signature. 

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