How to verify my ARC card on the mobile with prepaid SIM card?

How to verify my ARC card on the mobile with prepaid SIM card?

In the Korean ID verification system, your passport information will not match your ARC information.

Any prepaid SIM card number (Actived using your passport) can't be verified online for internet shopping or food delivery in Korea. You must update your ARC information with Kimchi Mobile Team.

You need few required items before verifying your ID online in Korea.

[Required Items for ID online verification]

1. Valid ARC
2. Cell phone number with ARC registration (Passport activated prepaid number is not available)
3, Cell phone to receive a text message

Step 1. Check your name on your ARC

Check your name on the front side of ARC. Your name must be in all caps, and you need to use your name in all caps.

▶ Must be written in all caps 

      On your ARC card, your name is written in all capitals. You have to enter exactly the same as how your ARC appeared.

Step 2. Use your name correctly (must be in an appeared order)

     In Korea, the last name always comes first and the first name next. So you have to follow that Korean name order. 
     Because the Korean name does not have a middle name, you must put your middle name at the end. 
     If your name is John Middle Doe. Then you have to put

HONG SPECIMEN" is the correct way to write down the name on the ARC.

Step 3. Select "알뜰폰"

If you are using Kimchi Mobile prepaid SIM card, you must select "알뜰폰". Kimchi Mobile Postpaid SIM can select "SK Telecom or Lg U+" otherwise, you have to select "알뜰폰"

Step 3. Enter your personal information

 1. Write down your name in all caps, and please make sure it will be the same as it's written on your ARC
 2. Enter your ARC number (주민등록번호 = ARC Number)
 3. Select "SKT 알뜰폰 or LG U+ 알뜰폰" for Kimchi Mobile Prepaid SIM card
 4. Enter your cell phone number
 5. Press "인증번호 요청" - Verification SMS request 

Step 4. Enter the verification text message

After entering your text message verification code, your online ID verification will be completed. Now you can have full access to Korean digital life!