How to Activate the SIM?

How to Activate the SIM?

Please follow the instructions below. 
※ All instructions standard is LG U+ YY.

1. Print out the application form 
  1.       2 types - LG U+ yy or SK eyes  (attached below) 

2. Fill the form by handwriting (Digital handwriting is NOT accepted)

*U-SIM number is on your SIM card (13digit)

3. Take a picture of your passport (or ARC front & back) and application 
  *If you want to provide ARC, it has to be provided both front and back. 
  • An ID color must be a color and has no light reflection 
  • An ID must be well focused, and all the information must be clear and readable
  • All four corners (edges) of ID must have appeared and white background is required
  • An ID must be straight and not tilted
  • Half-page of the passport will not be accepted
*Example of Passport:

*Example of ARC:

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      Unfortunately, we can't activation your SIM card before your arrival. We can only activate your SIM card after you pass the Korean immigration. However, you can request an activation and make a reservation in advance. Fill out the application form ...
    • Can I activate Prepaid from outside of Korea? I want immediate activate after arrival!

      No. You cannot activate the prepaid SIM outside of Korea. First, We request to review your current location at the Korean immigration office and if you are not in Korea, we will reject your order.  If you sign up under someone else's name and use it, ...
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