How to Activate the SIM?

How to Activate the SIM?

Please follow the instructions below. 

1. Print out the application form SK eyes  (attached below) 
  1. (1) Write your Full name 
  2. (2) Write your Date of Birth 
  3. (3) Write your passport number 
  4. (4) Write 025536216 
  5. (5) Address part. It must be in Korean and follow the gray letter, draw Korean 
  6. (6) Write your requested order plan.
    Budget: 39000
  7. (7) Check mark at all 3 boxes 
  8. (8) Write your Full name 
  9. (9) Signature on the side 
  10. (10) Write the date you submit the application 
  11. (11) Write Full name 
  12. (12) Signature on the side 
  13. (13) Write to follow the Activation code: EVD0776/EVP6157 
  14. (14) Write 025536216 
Fill the form by handwriting (Digital handwriting is NOT accepted)

3. Take a picture of your SIM card
*U-SIM number is on your SIM card (13 digit) 

4. Take a picture of your passport (or ARC front & back) and application 
  *If you want to provide ARC, it has to be provided both front and back. 
  • An ID color must be a color and has no light reflection 
  • An ID must be well focused, and all the information must be clear and readable
  • All four corners (edges) of ID must have appeared 
  • An ID must be straight and not tilted
  • Half-page of the passport will NOT be accepted
*Example of Passport:

*Example of ARC:


1. Register IMEI codes ( )

2. Turn off Roaming / eSIM / Dual SIM / Cellular / Wifi 

3. Insert SIM card (You should take off other SIM if you are using Dual SIM) 

4. Turn on only cellular and reboot

This process is to let your device recognize the new SIM card. If you put 2 SIM at once or turn on dual SIM program, your new SIM will not work. Please turn off and take out everything before activating your new SIM. 

If you do not follow these instructions, your device might be blocked by the carrier center, so please READ and FOLLOW! 

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