How to activate my prepaid SIM card?

How to activate my prepaid SIM card?

There are 4 steps for activation. Please read the instruction below and submit your files via the reply email we've sent you.

Step. 1 Fill the application form
Step. 2 Take a picture 
Step. 3 Submit
Step. 4 Done

A. Application form
  • The application will be enclosed with your package
  • Write your Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, and Passport number 
  • Write your Full name (includes your middle name) and signature on the side
  • Take a picture of your application with all corners to appear 
  • HANDWRITING REQUIRED, No digital handwriting like using iPad or mark-up app. 
*Sample application photo - 

B. passport(or ARC) Copy 
  • Bring your Passport and take a picture
  • An ID must be well focused, and all the information must be clear and readable
  • No light reflection 
  • All four corners (edges) of ID must have appeared & white background is required
  • Half-page of the passport will NOT be accepted
    *ARC photo must be provided front and back both
*Sample Passport photo -

C. SIM card photo

In order to activate your SIM card, a barcode and PIN number are required. 

  • Take a picture of your delivered card without taking off the SIM
*Sample SIM card photo - 

Submit your files at the email to click the 'Request SIM activation' button. 
When we verify your files, we will send you a confirmation email with your number include.
Insert your SIM into your device and reboot your device 2-3 times with wifi off. 


Step 1. Open your email and click the button named 'Request SIM activation' to open the application form.

Step 2. Preparing all your Requirements and click 'Drag&Drop' to take a picture. 

Step 3. Submit your form. 

If it is still not working, please email us [email protected] 

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