How can I pay my monthly bills?

How can I pay my monthly bills?

Monthly bill will be charged at the end of the month. 

But if your bank account does not have enough balance, money will not be withdrawn.
What that situation, please contact Kimchi mobile or KT SkyLife carrier center directly. 

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    • How can I check my monthly bills or data usage?

      There are 2 ways to check your monthly bill and data usage.  1. Data usage will be sent by SMS service.  ex) Your data has been used 50%  2. To check your mobile data usages, please use '스카이라이프' app (No eng support)  * Kimchi mobile as an activation ...
    • My data doesn't work but I can make a calls.

      Please check if you have successfully recharged your data Please check you have network settings as WCDMA only please turn off your 4G LTE and use only 3G turn on and off repeatedly. Phone models not offered in Korea may not be compatible with the ...
    • where to contact KT SkyLife customer center?

      Customer center KT SkyLife carrier center: 1588-3002 or 
    • i am using prepaid plan. Is ARC register means postpaid plan? Is that Autopay equal to Postpaid plan?

      ARC register is for changing your status as certified resident in Korea. So that request at carrier center that extend your validity from 90days to permanent.  If you do not register the ARC, after 90days your SIM card can be cancelled randomly by ...
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       * With your prepaid SIM plan, you have to recharge your monthly bill every month.  1. SK 7 mobile  Visit Kimchi mobile recharge center and pay your plan amount. Your Plan  Budget ...