How to verify me for Naver QR code or Kakao QR code with the prepaid plan.

How to verify me for Naver QR code or Kakao QR code with the prepaid plan.

The prepaid plan who didn't register the ARC card cannot use the mobile QR code
Since the QR code has made up to track people who registered at the Korean government, the passport alone cannot use mobile identification. Because the person who has a passport is not registered in the Korean government as a person who lives in Korea. (Even if you have a Korean number (or visa), it will be applied as a traveler). 

Naver QR code 

1.  Sign up for Naver (You can sign up with Facebook) 
Click 'sign in & Join with Facebook 
▶Log in Facebook 

▶ Click Start NAVER 

2.  Need to check for the agreement for use of personal information. 

▶You do not have to check on the last one. 

3. verify your number.  

▶ Click the 알뜰폰(affordable phone) options fourth box from the left.
 And check private uses agreements. You do not have to check on the last small box. 
Our service is an SK telecom's affordable branch and the exact name is "7mobile". 

4. You can get the QR code Finally

▶ You only need to verify your cell phone once. Also, the QR code is only valid for 15 seconds because it is for single use. 

KAKAO QR code 

1. 카카오톡 실행하기 

2. Click '#' > #COVID19 > QR check in 
--> Check with the blue box and the number 


3. Click to agreement of uses of privacy

4. Get the QR code. 

▶ Kakao Talk requires phone number verification once a month, and after that, you can get a one-time QR code as long as you agree to provide information without having to verify your phone number.

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