Can I activate Prepaid from outside of Korea? I want immediate activate after arrival!

Can I activate Prepaid from outside of Korea? I want immediate activate after arrival!

No. You cannot activate the prepaid SIM outside of Korea.

We request to review your current location at the Korean immigration office and if you are not in Korea, we will reject your order. 
If you sign up under someone else's name and use it, you may be punished by Korean law. 


For those who use international shipping services for immediate activation, unfortunately, we are unable to activate the SIM immediately.

The temporary number, without passport registration, can be used for the scam. However, the plans we offer are not temporary.

7 Mobile is mandatory to confirm the registration of passports in order to prohibit the illegal use of 010 numbers. 

When you order the SIM, we will ask you to submit the passport and the arrival plan, etc.

After your arrival, Korean immigration has to register you as a certified entrant.  

According to your given information, 7 mobile will check that you are listed in the Government system, and activate your SIM. 

From your arrival, the activation process will take at least an hour due to the record verification process. 

Simply the process will be going like, 

Collect your information - Department - Arrival - immigration registration - Activate 

So please understand that we are unable to activate your SIM immediately due to the reason above and we are trying to offer you the best service. 


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